The World Peace Council receives the news, with triumphal joy, from the revolutionary island of Cuba, that the five Cuban heroes and anti-terrorists returned home. After 16 years away from their homes and their homeland, arbitrarily and illegally incarcerated in the USA, the release of the remaining three patriots Tony, Ramón and Gerardo coincides with the moment in which the relations between the US and Cuba are being re-evaluated.


The World Peace Council manifests again its complete condemnation against the Israeli regime’s criminal actions and reiterates its unrestricted solidarity to the Palestinian people in their struggle against the Zionist oppression and occupation. We sadly and outragedly denounce the escalation in violence by the Israeli forces, which again impose brutal and fatal repression on the Palestinians protesting against occupation.

Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council

We are consternated by watching yet another escalation in the imperialist aggression against the Middle East. Besides all the confabulations with autocracies such as the Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the USA have a “sacred” alliance with the Zionism institutionalized in Israel and, especially in the last years, with Turkey. The aim is to destabilize governments contrary to their agenda or to intensify the pillaging of countries such as Iraq, left vulnerable due to the devastating wars and looting promoted by the US’ imperialism with their European allies.

The delegation of peace movements of the WPC from Greece, Cyprus and Turkey arrived on Friday 8 August in Ramallah, Palestine after facing many difficulties and delays, closed checkpoints to the West Bank, military roadblocks and barricades set up by the Israeli army (with corresponding checks) but also with many changeovers of transport means, resulting in the trip from Amman, Jordan to Ramallah lasting 11 hours instead of two! All this is a manifestation of the special circumstances confronted by the Palestinians in a period when the Israeli war machine, as an occupation force, shells and slaughters civilians and children in the Gaza Strip, while at the same time having arrested 2000 Palestinians on the West Bank, making incursions into their homes day and night.



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