CPPC promotes Concerts for Peace

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) is promoting in Portugal a series of “Concerts for Peace”. The first Concert for Peace was held in Lisbon, on November 19th 2014, the second one was held in Oporto, on January 9th 2016 and the third one will take place on March 18th in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Concerts for Peace involve diverse cultural and municipal entities and have the participation of hundreds of artists.

In the recent Oporto Concert, CPPC's Board Chairperson Ilda Figueiredo, has the opportunity to address the challenges that face the peoples in the current international context.

For CPPC's chairperson we face “a very complex international situation, with serious conflicts, wars and aggressions in many areas of the world, particularly in the Middle East and in Africa, with grave threats to Peace in other areas, from Latin America to Asia, including Europe, without forgetting the refugee's ordeal and the victims of unfair and aggressive policies that also affect Portugal and other European countries, augmenting social inequality and poverty. A situation that demands from Peace loving people an increased attention and commitment in the defence of justice, freedom, democracy and Peace, values of April (Portuguese Revolution 25th April 1974)”.

CPPC's chairperson referring to the Portuguese Constitution, arising from April's Revolution initiated on April 25th 1974 and that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, underlined its content and meaning, namely of article 7 that states a solid commitment with Peace, calling for amongst other important principles “the abolition of imperialism, colonialism and any other forms of aggression, domination and exploitation in the relations amongst peoples, as well as for the general simultaneous and controlled disarmament, the dissolution of politico-military blocks and the establishment of a collective security system, aiming at the creation of an international order capable of ensuring peace and justice in the relations amongst peoples.”

Ilda Figueiredo underlined that with the involvement of many “we can state, at many voices, our indignation against wars of aggression and express also in those many voices our solidarity with the peoples that are victim of colonialism, foreign interference and armed conflicts, of injustice, social inequality, oppression, the disrespect of their national sovereignty and independence. And to all say Yes to Peace! No to War!”

The demand to abolish weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, the end of the arms race and the end of the militarization of international relations were also underlined as guidelines that should orient Portuguese foreign policies “in the defence of cooperation and friendship amongst peoples of all the world”.

“We want an international order capable of ensuring justice in the relations amongst peoples, the defence of the emancipation and the progress of mankind,” she stated.

CPPC's National Board