WPC Statement on the recent military exercises of USA and South Korea

Friday, March 11, 2016

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its vehement condemnation about the recent and ongoing heavy military exercises of the USA and South Korea under the names “Key Resolve”& “Eagle 16” around the Korean Peninsula,placing new dangers to peace and stability in the area,aiming in the escalation of the situation through pressure on the DPRKorea.

The above mentioned military exercises with more than 300.000 troops from South Korea and 27.000 troops from US side along with aircraft carrier and heavily armed warships, constitute one of the heaviest military exercise in the history of the region and are taking place at the same time of the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council (Resolution No.2270) against DPR Korea. These sanctions are not promoting the peace in the area.

The USA and its allies in the region have never given up their plans which do not exclude a violent regime change in Pyongyang. These plans are part of the US strategy of “Pivot to Asia” and consitute war plans against a sovereign country.

The WPC historically supported the replacement of the armistice agreement between thre USA and DPRKorea, by a genuine peace agreement, demanding at the same time the withdrawal of the US troops from the South Korea. We defend the right of each country and nation to defend itself from foreign threats and aggression.

The WPC supports the complete and total abolition of Nuclear Weapons and rejects the “First Strike” privilege claimed by the USA. At the same time while struggling against all Atomic&Hydrogen bombs, as well as against all weapons of mass destruction, we highlight the fact the arbitrary and hypocritical position of the USA in the region, who are the only ones who have used atomic bombs in history and who posess thousands of Nuclear heads so far.

As World Peace Council we support the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and express our solidarity to the Korean People, for their right to determine free from imperialist interference and hegemony their fortunes.

Athens, 9th March 2016