The South China Sea has been witnessing ever more complicated developments, with growing tension following China’s large-scale construction, military deployment and combined military-civilian operations, notably in the Paracel and structures in the Spratly archipelagos, which Chinese armed forces occupied in 1956, 1974 and 1988. Counter-moves have been taken in the South China Sea by other countries. All this is leading to dangerous threats to peace, security and stability in the region.

In the framework of the Global Action Day in Solidarity with Venezuela, celebrate last April 19th, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation developed several initiatives in Portugal, beyond the public statement it widely divulged, namely promoting:
(1) the cosigning of a solidarity text demanding the immediate withdrawal of Obama's Executive order against Venezuela (see below the text promoted by CPPC that has received the support of several Portuguese organizations);

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, joins the Global Action Day in Solidarity with Venezuela, celebrated today, saluting the International Solidarity Committee of Venezuela and the other popular Venezuelan forces that defend the important progressive advances achieved in the Bolivarian Revolution namely the sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela confronted with foreign interference and aggression.

Infamia y vilanía han sido los personajes principales este domingo (17 de abril), en la Cámara de

​los ​Diputados. Una sesión para llenar de oprobio a los responsables de esta trama tejida de odio por el ​V​icepresidente de la República, Michel Temer, cuya memoria traerá vergüenza a los brasileños durante muchas generaciones.
Por Socorro Gomes*

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), coherent with its stand and continuous action of solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people, joins the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Jails, marked for April 17.


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