Message of condolences on the death of the chairman of the Association Soldiers against War Jiri Bures

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Czech Peace Movement regrets to announce that chairman of the fraternal Association Soldiers against War colonel Jiri Bures passed away. At the age of 86, he completed a respectable life journey.
For many years he served in important positions in the Czechoslovak People's Army as its high-ranking officer. He was one of its soldiers who never betrayed the oath to defend peace. That's why after his dismissal from the army in the 1990s began to organize its soldiers, officers and generals who disagreed to its transformation into part of the NATO to serve the imperialist policy of wars, aggressions and interventions. Together with his friends and comrades he founded the Association Soldiers against War that he had been chairman for many years. As the head of this organization he was for example one of the important figures in the successful movement against the construction of a US military base in the Czech Republic. He was a leading expert on defense and security issues of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, permanently cooperated with the Czech Peace Movement and regularly published his knowledgeable analytical texts in Halo noviny daily. Until the last moments he devoted himself to work in the international peace movement, he was fully involved in the activities of the World Peace Council always emphasizing its importance in the international struggle against imperialism and war.
Comrade Jiri Bures remained a devoted fighter for peace until the end. The Czech Peace Movement expresses its deep condolences to family of comrade Jiri Bures and to all his friends and comrades from the Association Soldiers against War.