On the 65th Anniversary of the WPC - Speech by Thanassis Pafilis

Thanassis Pafilis, General Secretary of the WPC

SPEECH, Thanassis Pafilis, General Secretary of the WPC ON THE 65th ANNIVERSARY OF THE WPC
At the celebratory event in Athens, 1st September 2014, organized by EEDYE

Friends and fellow militants,

This year marks 65 years since the founding of the World Peace Council (WPC) which was the pioneering global anti-imperialist peace organization. It was established after World War II in response to imperialist aggression, under Cold War conditions.


The latest imperialist war on the Middle East - Socorro Gomes

Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council

We are consternated by watching yet another escalation in the imperialist aggression against the Middle East. Besides all the confabulations with autocracies such as the Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the USA have a “sacred” alliance with the Zionism institutionalized in Israel and, especially in the last years, with Turkey. The aim is to destabilize governments contrary to their agenda or to intensify the pillaging of countries such as Iraq, left vulnerable due to the devastating wars and looting promoted by the US’ imperialism with their European allies.

Report from the WPC mission to Palestine - August 8-13, 2014

The delegation of peace movements of the WPC from Greece, Cyprus and Turkey arrived on Friday 8 August in Ramallah, Palestine after facing many difficulties and delays, closed checkpoints to the West Bank, military roadblocks and barricades set up by the Israeli army (with corresponding checks) but also with many changeovers of transport means, resulting in the trip from Amman, Jordan to Ramallah lasting 11 hours instead of two! All this is a manifestation of the special circumstances confronted by the Palestinians in a period when the Israeli war machine, as an occupation force, shells and slaughters civilians and children in the Gaza Strip, while at the same time having arrested 2000 Palestinians on the West Bank, making incursions into their homes day and night.


WPC condemns the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian People

The ongoing slaughter of the Palestinian people by the Israeli army has no ending. More than 570 Palestinians were murdered,thousands are injured and many more displaced.Most of the victims are civilians, amongst them dozens of women and children. The Palestinian Gaza Strip has become a theater of unilateral war of the occupation forces of Israel,against a people which is being deprived of its independence,freedom and the right for a State.

Demonstration outside Israeli Embassy in Nicosia

With the participation of many Palestinians and Cypriots a demonstration took place in Nicosia against Israeli barbarity, on last Saturday July 12th, outside Israeli Embassy. The demonstration was organized by the Palestinian Community in Cyprus and supported by Cyprus Peace Council (CPC). Many of Cyprus Peace Council members were present at the demonstration, amongst them the President of CPC Sylva Tiggiridou, the GS of CPC Christos Kourtellaris and the Secretariat members Akis Phokas and Charis Pashias. EDON also responded at Cyprus Peace Council’s call for participation in the activity.


AIPSO Condemns Israeli Aggression, Calls for Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation condemns the ongoing murderous attacks of the Israeli armed forces against Palestinian people in the Gaza strip that resulted in number of deaths and loss of valuable properties. It is becoming habit of the Israeli occupation forces to attack the Palestinian people in the most heinous way to curb their struggle for an independent Palestinian state. The Israeli occupation army’s aggression is being encouraged by the USA and other countries of European Union.


End the massacre of the Palestinian people now!

The World Peace Council expresses its outrage with the ongoing bombardment of the Palestinian Gaza strip by the Israeli occupation forces which have resulted already in more than 100 dead and hundreds of injured, majority civilians and even children amongst them.

We condemn the brutal murderous attack by the Israeli Air Force against the Palestinian people aiming at the collective punishment of a people struggling for its inalienable right for an independent state and with obvious goals to obstruct any kind of negotiations and peace settlement in the decades long occupation.


AIPSO statement On the developments in Iraq

The All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation expresses serious concern over the sharply deteriorating conditions in Iraq, which is under threat from the brutal and sectarian ISIS forces. After capturing big cities such as Mosul in the North and the border areas between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, these forces are now advancing towards the capital city of Baghdad.


Statement of the Greek Peace Committee (EEDYE) on Iraq 18/6/2014

The crisis and killings in Iraq are going on, having its people as victim. From the open imperialist invasion of the USA and its willing allies in 2003 hundreds of thousands Iraqis died, got injured, displaced along with the destruction of monuments of an ancient civilization, infrastructure and entire cities.


Statement of WPC regarding the arrests of Palestinians by the Israeli Army

The slowly genocide of the Palestinian people has to stop, the occupation has to end!

The World Peace Council denounces vehemently the recent massive arrests of Palestinian citizens by the Israeli army in the Palestinian West Bank, amongst them the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Aziz Duwaik (Parliament). The Israeli occupation forces once more attacked fiercely the Gaza Strip, besieged the city of Hebron and violated several of Palestinian houses, proving that there is no intention for negotiations and peaceful solution in the decades long conflict from their side.