The president of the World Peace Council Socorro Gomes signed the book of condolences for the passing of the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, on Monday, 11/28/2016, when the book was opened for signatures by the Consulate General of the Republic of Cuba in São Paulo, Brazil.

Socorro Gomes has payed homage to the Cuban people and to comandante Fidel Castro, honoring "the greatest fighter for the noblest of humanity's values, social justice, equality of rights, sovereignty and peace among the peoples."

November 29th marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This day was so declared by the United Nations to mark the approval of Resolution 181 by its General Assembly that in 1947 aimed for the creation of two States in the territory of Palestine.
After 70 years, only the State of Israel exists. The Palestinian People not only continues to be deprived of their sovereign, independent and viable State, but faces daily the violence of Israeli occupation.

The Peace Association of Turkey, member of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council, was shut down by the government of Turkey. Several WPC member organisations among them CPPC (Portugal), EEDYE (Greece), PANA (Ireland), US Peace Council, INTAL (Belgium), Cyprus Peace Council, CEBRAPAZ (Brazil), PCPS (Palestine), Soldiers Against War (Czech Republic) and Swiss Peace Movement, issued statements of solidarity with the Peace Association.

Mensaje del Consejo Mundial por la Paz
por el deceso del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro

El Consejo Mundial de la Paz, se encuentra con pena y dolor por la pérdida de nuestro amado camarada Fidel Castro, el Comandante en Jefe de la Revolución Cubana, figura emblemática y líder del pueblo cubano.

Es difícil encontrar las palabras adecuadas para describir la vida y el carácter de un líder, quien dedicó su vida a las ideas revolucionarias, para la aplicación de los más nobles ideales de la humanidad en la construcción del socialismo en la isla de Cuba.

The World Peace Council and the entire anti-imperialist peace movement worldwide, is in grief and pain with the loss of our beloved comrade Fidel Castro, Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, emblematic figure and leader of the Cuban people.

It is hard to find the adequate words to describe the life and character of such a leader, who dedicated his life to the revolutionary ideas, to the implementation of the noblest ideals of humanity in the construction of socialism on the island of Cuba.

“Strengthen the peoples' solidarity in the struggle for peace, against imperialism”
World Peace Assembly 2016 – Final Declaration

The 2016 Assembly of the World Peace Council held from November 18-19 in São Luís and hosted by the Brazilian Center for Solidarity of the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ) concluded with the adoption of the following documents.



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