Statement of the World Peace Council (WPC) on the developments in Ukraine

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its deep concern about the situation in the Ukraine after the installation of the new government in Kiev by the imperialists of the European Union, NATO and the U.S., hand in hand with reactionary neo - Nazi groups who were active throughout the last time in the country. On the backs of the Ukrainian people the last few months a dangerous and bloody game was played by US, E.U. and NATO that reflects their expansion to the East and their competition with Russia with the aim of control of geopolitical spheres but also of the rich energy sources in the region.

The Ukrainian people , who have suffered so much from capitalist restoration since 1991 , has the sole and non-negotiable right to decide for its leadership and its fortunes without any foreign interference or intervention. The repetition of "violent regime change" exacerbated the already tense atmosphere in the country and the region.

We denounce attempts to ban political parties, trade unions and effort for prohibition of minority languages ​​in the country and the historical revanchism against the history of the Soviet Union and its achievements in the Ukraine. We condemn the plans of NATO on the basis of its article 4 (which applies to member states), the plans for Ukraine's integration into NATO and the eager financial "assistance" of the International Monetary Fund which will only bring new hardships to the people.

The Ukrainian people must be given their role in order to become the real master of their country.

We further express our solidarity to the Ukrainian people and to our member organization, the Anti-fascist Committee of Ukraine.

The World Peace Council
4th March 2014