Thursday, July 2, 2020

Against the annexation of Palestinian territories by Israel, but also
against the Israeli criminal policy and its imperialist allies against
the Palestinian people, mass organisations, students and workers
demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy of Athens on 1st July at the
invitation of EEDYE. Holding Palestinian flags and wearing Palestinian
scarves the demonstrators from the Greek Peace Committee (EEDYE), the
Federation of Greek Women (OGE), The Greek Committe for International
Solidarity (EEDDA), the Construction Workers’ Union of Athens united
their voice with representatives of the Palestinian community.

The protest rallly was attended by Giorgos Marinos, Member of the
Political Bureau of KKE and MP, by Thanassis Pafilis, General Secretary
of the World Peace Council and MP of KKE, and N. Papanastasis, a retired
lieutenant colonel and also MP of KKE. The WPC has sent to the UN Human
Rights Council a resolution in support of the Palestinian people against
the murderous actions of the state of Israel and its allies.

A message from the Palestinian Ambassador to Greece, Marwan Toumbasi,
was read out, expressing the Palestinian people's satisfaction with the
solidarity movement in Greece and pointing to the continuing barbaric
colonial policy of the occupying Israeli state for more than five
decades while demanding from the EU to impose sanctions on Israel.

The keynote speaker, Stavros Tassos, president of EEDYE, denounced plans
to annex the areas of the Jordan Valley and 30% of the Palestinian
territories of the West Bank and the US "plan of the century" which, in
addition to annexation, provides for the expansion of illegal Israeli
settlements all the previous years as well as the construction of a
separation wall and the recognition of Jerusalem as the "undivided
Israeli capital". It denies the right of return of millions of
Palestinian refugees to their homes and restricts many Palestinians to
some disconnected pockets. He also denounced governments and imperialist
organizations such as the EU. Stavros Tasssos called upon the government
to implement the unanimous resolution of the Greek Parliament for the
recognition of the independent State of Palestine in the borders of 1967
and declared on behalf EEDYE the commitment to oppose the plans of the
imperialists in the region, to fight for the end of the occupation, the
abolition of the settlements and the separation wall, for an independent
Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of
June 4, 1967.