In the name of the Committee for International Solidarity and the Struggle for Peace
(COSI-Venezuela), we express our firm rejection of the events today in Venezuela, in
which a group of mercenaries, trained and protected by the Colombian government and
with the total support of US and European imperialism, attempted to enter Venezuelan
territory by sea.
Thanks to the swift action of the security institutions of the Venezuelan State, the
Bolivarian Militia and the patriotic and antiimperialist consciousness of the entire people,

En nombre del Comité de Solidaridad Internacional y lucha por la Paz (COSIVenezuela),
expresamos nuestro firme rechazo a los hechos ocurridos el día de hoy en
Venezuela, donde un grupo de mercenarios, entrenados y protegidos por el gobierno
colombiano, y con total apoyo por parte del imperialismo estadounidense y europeo
han intentado ingresar al territorio venezolano, por vía marítima.
Gracias a la pronta acción de las instituciones de seguridad del estado venezolano, la

The Canadian Peace Congress calls on the government of Canada to rescind punitive economic measures taken against Iran, Venezuela, North Korea Syria, Russia, China and other countries. These measures are in violation of Article 41, Chapter VII of the UN Charter which states that the power to impose economic restrictions on any nation rests solely with the Security Council.

On this 29th of April 2020, the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela strongly denounces the expulsion of 28 Venezuelan diplomatic officials from Brazil. The Bolsonaro Government again plays the main role as a puppet of US imperialism by expelling from Brazil the entire Venezuelan diplomatic corps and, in their place, installing in Brasilia a putschist group to represent the Venezuelan people.


For nine years the Syrian Arab Republic has been facing brutal foreign aggression.

As in Libya, shortly before, the main Western powers and their regional allies, hiding behind terrorist groups (who they arm, train and fund), imposed an aggression and destruction on the country, aiming to overthrow its government and change Syria's political-constitutional regime, control its natural resources and remove one of the main obstacles to total control of the region.

April 2, 2020
The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic was approved and promulgated on April 2, 1976. The Constitution enshrines broad democratic rights – political, social, economic and cultural – won by the Portuguese people with the April Revolution, which began on April 25, 1974, and, in particular, stipulates that Portugal's external relations be guided by the respect for sovereignty and national independence, a policy of peace, friendship and cooperation with all the peoples of the world.


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