CEBRAPAZ held its 5th National Assembly

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

CEBRAPAZ held its 5th National Assembly on the 7th of December, 2019, in Salvador, the capital city of the Brazilian federal state of Bahia. Branches from many states were represented by their delegates. As you know, the situation in Brazil is extremely worrying and conditions are harsh with our political, social and economic crises under this proto-fascist Government of Jair Bolsonaro.

We consider the Assembly to have taken place successfully and elected the new Executive and National Board. The Executive Board now is the following:

President: Jamil Murad (former member of the consultative committee and an experienced combatant for peace, coming from unionist movement and a medical doctor by profession; he was a parliamentarian at the state and federal levels - "deputado estadual" from the state of São Paulo and "deputado federal" - for about 15 years until the early 2000s).
Vice-President: Wevergton Brito Lima
Secretary-General: José Reinaldo Carvalho

Other Executive Directors:
Antônio Barreto
Gustavo Guerreiro
Jussara Cony
Maria Pimentel
Moara Crivelente
Raul Carrion
Sérgio Benassi

We will soon send detailed news about the Assembly and will ask that you please share those news. We will also send information about the event in celebration of the WPC's 70th Anniversary, where comrade Socorro Gomes, who is in CEBRAPAZ's National Board of Directors, gave a speech.

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