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The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation promoted in Lisbon, on June 6, a vibrant and participated public initiative in solidarity with the peoples of Latin America. Held in Lisbon the initiative counted with the participation of Ilda Figueiredo, chairperson of CPPC, of the ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela, of a member of the Workers Party from Brazil and a Colombian refugee, among other participants from different Portuguese organizations.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) supports the appeal given the Portuguese Embassy in Venezuela, on May 2nd, and subscribed by several Venezuelan non-governmental organizations, asking the Portuguese State to fulfill its obligation and intervene with the Novo Banco ('New Bank') so the bank will release the more than 1.5 billion euros of the Venezuela State illegally retained by this bank and complete the payment orders that, in general, are aimed at paying medication, health services, food and other essential goods the Venezuelan people so needs.

The Portuguese council for Peace and Cooperation, alongside two dozen other organizations, marked on april 4 in Lisbon and 5 in Porto, the 70 years of NATO with public initiatives, where the crimes of that aggressive political-military bloc were denounced as well as the dangers it represents for World peace and security.

Thousands of documents were distributed in this initiatives https://issuu.com/conselho_paz/docs/folheto_nato_paginas

CPPC’s speech in the initiative in Lisbon:

Political-cultural event
February 22nd - 18h
Voz do Operário - Lisboa

Raising the defence of peace as the prominent issue given Trump's reiterated threat of militarily attacking Venezuela and the Venezuelan people, organizations promote a political-cultural event on February 22nd, beginning at 18 at Voz do Operário, in Lisbon.


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