To the Committee for International Solidarity and Struggle for Peace (COSI)
Dear Comrades
It is with sadness and grief to receive the news about the demise of our beloved and respected
comrade and friend, Commander of the Navy, Victor Hugo Morales, honorary President of COSI.
The WPC recalls with pride the lifetime contribution and struggles with the revolutionary
Movement in Venezuela from various posts, including his participation in many WPC meetings and
activities, amongst them the 19th Assembly of the WPC, held in April 2004 in Caracas.

On the International Migrants Day, which is celebrated annually on December 18, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in the year 2000, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) reminds all those who, pushed by situations of profound injustice and social inequality, of poverty and underdevelopment, due to the lack of prospects for a better life, but also due to the brutal consequences of war situations, as well as the imposition of violent economic blockades on their countries, find themselves forced to abandon their families and their countries.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) salutes the 75th. anniversary of the adoption, by the United Nations General Assembly, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is celebrated on December 10.

Also 75 years ago, in what became known as the Nakba, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homes, villages and lands, by Israeli militias and army. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have become refugees, prevented from returning to their lands.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) participated in the 47th European Conference of Solidarity and Support for the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO), which had as its motto "Independence is the only solution", which took place on December 1 and 2, in Toledo.

This Conference was attended by around 260 participants from various countries, who were divided into 4 working groups: "Natural Resources", "Politics and information", "Consolidation of the State"; and "Human Rights".

It is with great satisfaction that we write on behalf of the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and
Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ) to inform you about the holding of the 6th National Assembly of our
organization on December 10th.
The 6th assembly was marked by rich and profound debates on the international and national situation,
culminating in the approval of a political resolution of great importance, entitled "Unite the Brazilian People
in the Struggle for Peace". The document reflects Cebrapaz's commitment to promoting solidarity and

It is with great sadness that we report that our beloved comrade Alfred Marder, a steadfast internationalist, and anti-imperialist, died last night. Al was exactly one month shy of reaching 102 years old.
We can hardly begin to capture Al’s profound contributions to peace, justice, and civil rights by summarizing his creative and leadership accomplishments. Indeed, it is hard to capture the influence Al has had and will continue to have going forward on so many of us in the U.S. and around the world.


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