Statement of the World Peace Council in regards to the US provocations against China in Taiwan

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses strongly its condemnation to the recent
escalation of the US provocations with the visit of the US official delegation to Taiwan. This action
undermines peace and stability in the region and fuels the tensions on all levels.
These policies and actions are in line with the general foreign policy of US-imperialism,
regardless of administration. They are following the recent military “Quadrilateral Agreement”
(between Japan, India, Australia and USA) and the military agreement between Australia, the
United Kingdom and the USA (AUKUS), which are containing offensive plans targeting the PR
China as the emerging economic power in order to contain her.
The WPC took always principle positions in favor of the “one China policy” and supports the
right of the Chinese people for the defense of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of
China. The WPC expresses its solidarity with the Chinese people in its desire for the national
We support the founding principles of the UN Charter which is being trampled in many
corners and ways by the doctrine “might makes right”. The WPC salutes fraternally the Chinese
People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) and through it the Chinese people.
As the slogan of our coming XXII. WPC Assembly says: “We strengthen the Anti-imperialist
Struggle and Solidarity for a World of Peace and Social Justice”

The WPC Secretariat
Athens 3rd August 2022