Statement of solidarity of the World Peace Council regarding the earthquakes and their consequences in Syria

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its sincere grief about the thousands of victims
who lost their lives in Turkey and Syria after the heavy earthquakes of 6th February in the eastern
part of Turkey with severe consequences also in several cities in Syria.

The WPC expresses its sincere and fraternal solidarity with the Syrian National Peace Council
and the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) for the suffering from this huge natural disaster
in the region.

We salute the brave Syrian people and express our grief about the thousands of people who
lost their lives, the many more injured and homeless due to the destruction of their homes. The
weather conditions and air temperatures for the thousands of homeless are huge additional
factors which make the life of the people unbearable.

As WPC we are well aware that the natural calamities and their consequences are heavy
enough but in the case of Syria we have additional factors which are related to the consequences
of the imperialist interventions and plans for twelve (12) years which have caused death,
destruction and displacement to millions of Syrians. While the country remains partially under
occupation in the Northeast and Northwest by foreign troops, Syria remains under heavy
sanctions and illegal unilateral coercive measures by the USA, the EU and their allies. An
economical siege and blockade has been imposed on Syria which has its daily impact on the life
of its people.

These conditions are multiplying the heavy consequences of the earthquake, whereas the
arrival of humanitarian aid and the transfer of funds is very complicated and by many obstacles.

It is the high time to show solidarity with the people of Syria!

The WPC calls upon its members and friends to take up solidarity actions and in support of the
people of Syria in the affected areas by organizing the needed solidarity.
 We demand the lifting of the sanctions and the blockade against Syria, especially now
when humanitarian support and aid is vital.
 We join the demands of the social organisations and movements in Syria to facilitate
the money transfer from abroad to the families in need.
 Humanitarian help cannot be arbitrary and under any politically imposed conditions!

The Secretariat of the World Peace Council
8th February 2023