Statement of solidarity of the World Peace Council regarding the earthquakes and their consequences in Turkey

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its sincere grief about the thousands of
victims who lost their lives in Turkey and Syria after the heavy earthquakes of 6th February in
the eastern part of Turkey with severe consequences in many cities of Turkey but also in
several cities in Syria. The information we receive are horrific. Whole cities and
neighborhoods totally destroyed, tens of thousands injured, many thousands of people
missing under the collapsed buildings. The catastrophe is huge and unprecedented. The
weather conditions and air temperatures for the millions of homeless are huge additional
factors which make the life of the people unbearable. The WPC expresses its sympathy with
the families of the victims and its full-hearted solidarity with the peoples of Turkey and of

The affected cities and areas in Turkey in particular, being at the epicenter or close by,
have suffered heavy destruction whereas many hundreds of high store buildings collapsed
like made out of paper. Obviously the model and path of development, especially of the last
decades, led to and “allowed” such constructions for the sake of fast and easy profits of the
construction companies at the expenses of people’s lives and security in areas known for its
seismic dangers historically.

But now it is the time to show solidarity on all levels. While hundreds of rescue teams are
still searching for survivors, the WPC conveys its fraternal solidarity to the Peace Committee
of Turkey and calls upon all members and friends of the WPC to take up solidarity actions and
in support of the people of the affected areas in Turkey. Many Peace organisations, civil
associations and trade unions, humanitarian agencies are already planning to send their
humble but important support. This cannot waive away the responsibility of governments and
international agencies which are asked to act fast and show their solidarity and support to the
people of Turkey.

We shall not allow the perpetuation of the human suffering going from thousands into
millions with the excuse of the natural disaster!

The Secretariat of the World Peace Council
8th February 2023