Statement of the President of WPC on the Massacre in Odessa

Friday, May 9, 2014

On behalf of the Presidency of the World Peace Council, we repudiate with all of our forces the growing of military actions of the government of Ukraine against federalist movements of the East and the South of the country, as well as the explicit support, which this govern is giving to criminal actions committed by Neo-Nazis.

We considerate a very serious violation of Human Rights, the massacre committed on 2nd May in Odessa, in the House of Trade Unions, where demonstrators were imprisoned in the building in flames, when groups of Neo-Nazis were blocking the exits. With deep pain, we send our condolences and solidarity to the families of the victims.

The current Ukrainian government does not have any legitimacy and took the power amidst a coup d’état orchestrated by the imperialism of the United States and the European Union. Behind this, hides the aiming of destabilize the country and install a puppet regime, which would accept to enlarge NATO until the borders of Russia. The presence of ultranationalist organizations in Kiev’s government, inspired in Fascism and Nazism, demands the repudiation of all peace lovers of the world.

When the world remembers the centenary of the First World War and elapses the 75th anniversary of the Second one, episodes that peoples get knowledge to promote the building of peace, it’s not acceptable that the US and EU remain to boost conflicts, which could result in grave tragedies of large proportion.

We express our solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine in their struggle for rights.

Socorro Gomes
President of World Peace Council