Statement of Peace Association of Turkey on bomb attack in Ankara

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The government is responsible for the bloodshed

The bomb attack in Ankara, in which students, workers, many innocent citizens lost their lives, is an attack to all of us, all the mankind.

The culprits are trying to make our people get used to bomb attacks, violence, terror and chaos. Turkey is being tried to be brought to an ungovernable status. They are trying to terrify the people and make them stay away from politics. They are trying to intimidate the people and thus overcome ungovernableness by intervention of a "super" force. They are trying to legitimise alternatives like a coup d'etat or imperialist intervention.

The agent responsible for this situation, for the bloodshed is the government. No matter who conducted the attack, whether this attack suits the government's policies or not, the AKP government is responsible. The AKP government, by going after bloody adventures in the region, especially in Syria, made our country a place where blind violence prowls around.

The AKP government is imposing on our people its blood policies and the depravation created by its reactionary character. Our people should firmly reject alternatives like a coup d'etat, foreign intervention or similar plans, which are being imposed on them from the other side as alternatives to AKP's policies. The Peace Association of Turkey calls upon our people to rely on its own power to reach real peace.

Peace Association of Turkey