Socorro Gomes: Reject interference and threats against the re-elected government of Venezuela!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The democratic and progressive forces follow and denounce the endless sequence of statements, sanctions and other offensive measures against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This time, in line with the imperialist agenda dictated by the United States for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the exception of Mexico under a new government, the countries that make up the Lima Group have again charged against Venezuela and, consequently, against its people, its sovereignty and democracy, declaring that they will not recognize the legitimacy of the government of the reelected President Nicolás Maduro, to be inaugurated on January 10.

In its contempt for the democratic and legitimate electoral process, as recognized by international observers, the Lima Group, in its statement of January 4, dared to demand the President re-elected by the Venezuelan people not to begin his new term. Such arrogance is unacceptable, especially in a region that has long suffered from the direct foreign interference commanded by the USA, where people have always had to fight hard for democracy.

Regime change operations, in various forms, are nothing more than coups d’état that trample over the citizens’ civil and political rights and the nations’ sovereignty, preventing regional stability and relations of respect, cooperation and friendship that will consolidate a just and sovereign peace. Even more outrageous is that they are promoted precisely under the pretext of protecting democracy. The Bolivarian government has a history of popular consultation practices that confirm its legitimacy and are unprecedented in those countries whose governments pretend to be the police of democracy in the continent - starting with the governments of Colombia, Peru and Brazil after the 2016 coup d'état.

The World Peace Council has reiterated its solidarity with the Venezuelan people in confronting foreign interference conducted whether through the Lima Group or the Organization of American States, but always coordinated by the bosses of the reactionary and putschist forces, the United States. The defense of Venezuela's sovereignty is essential to ensuring peace on the continent and strengthening the bonds of respect and friendship among its peoples.

We join all peace-loving and freedom-loving forces in the irreducible support for the Venezuelan people’s struggle for their democracy and for overcoming sovereignly the serious political and economic crisis, which is inflated through a heavy media, economic and political war, causing instability, seeking to instigate polarization in the country. We are certain that the resistant Venezuelan people will overcome this threat, but we remain vigilant, mobilized in denunciation and in solidarity with their struggle!

All respect for the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

No to the interference of the Lima Group!

In defense of Peace among the Latin American and Caribbean nations!

Socorro Gomes,

President of the World Peace Council

January 8, 2019