Message of Condolences for the loss of Comrade Chris Matlhako

Friday, April 21, 2023

The World Peace Council (WPC) is deeply shocked and saddened about the tragic news of the loss of late Comrade Chris Matlhako, a longstanding leadership member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), who served the Party and the Liberation Movement in South Africa against the Apartheid regime, vigorously and from many positions.

Comrade Chris, a genuine internationalist who has championed in the struggle against imperialism in his country and worldwide was known internationally for his dedication to the principles and ideals of the movement. His knowledge and expertise on African issues, his commitment with the just causes of the peoples and in particular the Cuban Revolution and the Palestinian cause, amongst other many cases, made him known and respected worldwide.

As Deputy 2nd General Secretary of the SACP, member of its Political Bureau and the Central Committee he represented the party and his people in numerous international meetings. As Coordinator of the South African Peace Initiative (SAPI) he served the World Peace Council as one of its Secretariat members to which he got reelected during the recent 22nd Assembly of the WPC in Hanoi last November.

The WPC is “losing” one very special and very dear comrade and firm peace fighter in Africa. Our grief and sadness is deep and no words can explain our feelings. We commit ourselves to carry on and implement the common dreams and plans we had with comrade Chris, our beloved “Che” as his comrades and friends were calling him, to strengthen the WPC on African soil.

We cannot and we will never forget the contribution and legacy of Chris Matlhako! He shall be remembered in our minds and hearts.

The WPC expresses its full-hearted sympathy and condolences to his family and to the South African Communist Party.

As Comrade Chris was always saying: A Luta Continua!

On behalf of the WPC Secretariat

Pallab Sengupta, President

Thanassis Pafilis, General Secretary

Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary