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Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Commitee against the war Milan on 21th September organized a mobilization in front of the prefecture of Milan to deliver a letter to the Italian government about the missile attack against Syria and for the Russian airplane that was shot down. Report Video:

This is the letter:

“To His Excellency the Prefect of Milan,

with request to send it to

The President of The Council of ministers Giuseppe Conte

The Subsecretary to the Presidency of the Council of ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti

The Vicepresident of the Council of Ministers Luigi Di Maio

The Vicepresident of the Council of Ministers Matteo Salvini

The Defence Minster Eisabetta Trenta

The Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi

We are citizens lovers of peace. We are aware that often the massmedia conceal us the truth.

On the evening of september 17th a missile attack started against Syria by warships of various nationalities including France ; at the same time israeli planes violated the syrian aerial space by making raids on this country.

During this deprecable and dirty job against a people already tormented upon which heavy sanctions weigh since years, a russian plane was shot down . On board of it there were 15 people. They are all dead.

We cannot pretend that nothing happened. The danger of a ravanging war is rising more and more.


1)whether there was an involvement of any kind of Italy - even only logistical - in this war action contrary to International Law;

2)to condemn this war action for which there is no excuse;

3) to proceed to suspend immediately the sanctions which are affecting Syria and its people exactly while a great effort is being made to rid the Country of terrorists coming from countries even remote.

Waiting for a kind reply, best regards

Commitee Against The War Milan”