The WPC pays tribute to the veteran militant peoples’ lawyer ROLAND WEYL

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its grief for the passing of the beloved and respected comrade Roland Weyl, a committed Communist French Lawyer, who dedicated his long life to the just causes of the peoples and their rights. In his 102 years of life Roland Weyl championed with modesty in defending hundreds of political activists and social fighters in various countries, the struggles of the people of Algeria, Palestine, Cuba among many others were always in his heart. Roland Weyl was a genuine internationalist who understood like only few others, the moral and professional duty as a people’s lawyer to defend people under oppression and exploitation.

Roland Weyl was known and involved with the WPC for many decades. As a comrade who had the privilege to be present in the foundation of the WPC in April 1949 in Paris he was always a source of precious information and inspiration. He attended many WPC meetings and events and served always as the “liaison” between the WPC and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) of which was co-founder and served for many years as first Vice-President.

The WPC comrades who had the pleasure to meet and know him, remember his expertise and firm stand against NATO in its aggression against Yugoslavia and all other crimes of NATO. He stood clearly against the militarization of the European Union and its arbitrary positions towards the just causes of the peoples.

Roland Weyl, with his humor and intelligence was enlightening and enriching our meetings, he had always a clear class criterion and never abandoned his principles. Our comrade Roland lived a life full of struggles and sacrifices, in the court rooms and in the streets, in clandestine and in legality, always side by side with the poor and the oppressed. His legacy will be remembered and his spirit will prevail in the current and future struggles.

We express our full-hearted condolences to his family and daughter France Weyl, to his fellow fighters for peace and social justice in the “Droit et Solidarité” of France and the IADL.

The WPC Secretariat 22 April 2021