Statement of the World Peace Council about the massacre in Suruç/Turkey

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The World Peace Council condemns the massacre organized by ISIS in Suruç city of Turkey on Monday 20th July that led 32 people to death with hundreds injured. Victims were progressive and peace loving youth of Turkey who would plan to contribute to reconstruction works of the Syrian city of Kobane (Ain Al Arab) which was seriously damaged under the attacks of ISIS.
The WPC shares the sorrow of the peace loving people of Turkey, condemns the reactionary, fascist and terrorist organisation ISIS, but also the imperialist countries, namely US and EU which had given birth to it, along with reactionary regimes of the Middle East which fueled it with arms and money. In fact ISIS serves one day as a simple tool of imperialists against the peoples of the region as happened in Syria, or is presented, the other day, by the same imperialists as a pretext to legitimize direct intervention or bombings, as was the case in Kurdish regions of Iraq and Syria.

The same mechanism is true for AKP government in Turkey, which used to live in symbiosis with ISIS. Terrorist assault in Suruç is the direct result of Turkish policy of war mongering. ISIS turned to be a destabilizing factor in Turkey, too.

WPC expresses its deep concern about the near future of the whole region, as the murderous attack has intensified the existing tensions inside Turkey, and has been pushing this country towards the conflicts in Syria. To make it clear, the Suruç massacre is a way to impose upon the peoples of Turkey, imperialist plans and exploitation and even entering a war.

WPC salutes peace loving people of Turkey and the Middle East countries and declares solidarity with the peoples against imperialism and its regional reactionary allies.

Athens, 23rd July 2015