Statement of the World Peace Council about the killing of a Palestinian infant near Nablus/Palestine

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The World Peace Council condemns and denounces vehemently the barbaric killing of an palestinian infant and the heavy injury of three more family members in the village of Douma,near the Palestinian city of Nablus. This murderous action by Israeli settlers to put on fire a family home shows once more the serious situation caused by the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and takes place in the framework of the escalation of the policy of the Israeli occupation regime which is feeding such horrible actions. The daily harrasments, attacks, house demolitions and apartheid measures against the Palestinian people are going on since decades. The Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the siege of the Palestinian gaza strip, the judaization of Jerusalem are part of the bigger project of the Israeli regime, which are causing severe problems in the daily life of the Palestinian people. This recent barbaric and inhuman action provokes the anger of humanity.

It is the hightime to increase and strengthen the solidarity with the Palestinian people, for its just cause to establish an independent state of Palestine in the borders of 4th June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The UN has to recognize this independent state as a full member.

We demand the end of the occupation and the dissolution of the Israeli settlements along with the separation wall in the West Bank. We consider the statement of the Israeli government hypocritical as long as it continues the same occupation policies.

The WPC expresses its full hearted sympathy to the family of the infant and our sincere condolences.

Athens, 31st July 2015 WPC Secretariat