WPC Statement on the criminal attack of the US on Baghdad airport

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The World Peace Council denounces in the strongest way the recent
criminal attack of the US against a sovereign country-Iraq during which
the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds, was assassinated
along with high rank officers of the army of Iraq.
This unprovoked and reckless action constitutes a new and extremely
dangerous escalation for the Middle East, where the USA maintain
thousands of troops being involved since decades in aggressions and
imperialist interventions in a number of countries.
This most recent Drone attack shows clearly the intention of the US
administration to escalate further the atmosphere and provoke
retaliation in order to advance with their plans. It comes in line with
the withdrawal of the US from INF Treaty (among other actions) and
the plans for a new nuclear arms race. The immediate decision of the
Trump administration to deploy 3.000 new troops to the region proves the
plan to increase shamelessly the US involvement again.
The WPC condemns the US imperialist actions and calls upon members and
friends to act in protest to this escalation, which can lead to a
generalized war in the region.
We demand the complete withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq, Syria and
the region, the closure of US military Bases along with the lifting of
the sanctions against the peoples of the region.
We support the actions of the US Peace Movement and of the US Peace
Council under the slogan: TROOPS BACK FROM IRAQ- NO WAR ON IRAN!

The WPC Secretariat 4th January 2020