WPC statement about the aggression and invasion of Turkey in Syria

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The World Peace Council denounces strongly the new, third invasion by the Turkish army to Syria.

After a period of military build-up of the armed forces of Turkey along the borders of Syria and the successive air strikes against Syrian targets, a dangerous escalation with ground troops-invasion is taking place these days.

This aggression in the Northeastern part of Syria comes as continuation of the previous aggressions in the Northwestern part of Syria and as part of the expansionist plans of the Turkish regime, with the pretext of Turkey’s security. It takes place with the full complicity of the USA and its allies who maintain also troops in the area since several years. This aggression and the silent tolerance from many sides creates also new threats and dangers for the peoples of the region, above all for the Syrian people which is suffering for 8 years from an unprecedented and well orchestrated imperialist aggression, whereas the USA, NATO, the EU, Turkey and their regional allies have harbored, financed, trained and instructed dozens of thousands of armed mercenaries for a violent regime change in Damascus.

The Turkish invasion and occupation of sovereign territory of Syria will create only new displacement and increase the flow of refugees. The claim of Turkey to create a “safe zone” along its borders with Syria is hypocritical and cannot hide its intentions to create a huge area controlled by Turkey changing also the demographic character of the area. The real threat to peace and stability derives from the imperialist plans to control the energy resources, pipelines and spheres of influence with willing regimes in the Middle East.

The WPC, while condemning vehemently the aggression, demands the withdrawal of the foreign occupation forces, supports the sovereign right of the Syrian people to decide alone and freely their future and destiny. We express our solidarity with the brave Syrian people and with the anti-imperialist forces in Turkey and call upon the members and friends of the WPC to take up actions and initiatives to condemn the ongoing aggression.

Hands off Syria!

The WPC Secretariat Athens 10th October 2019