Statement of the World Peace Council on the latest decision of the US State Department about Cuba

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The World Peace Council (WPC) condemns and rejects in the strongest way the recent decision of the US State Department to include once more Cuba in their unilateral list of states which sponsor terrorism. This cynical and hypocritical action of the US administration is aiming in the imposition of new coercive measures against a people and country which defends since 62 years its right to determine their future.

US imperialism by its decades’ long subversive actions, interventions and all kind of sanctions and blockade has never given up its ambitions to impose a regime as it was before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. This recent decision of the US is also an instrument for the defamation of Cuba, a country which constitutes a source of inspiration for the poor and the oppressed peoples in the world. The genuine and selfless solidarity shown since the beginning of the revolution by Cuba to the peoples of the world is paramount.

The US imperialists and their allies in the world have no moral neither political rights to judge and label a country like Cuba. The decision of the US State Department constitutes an act of revenge towards a country which refuses to bow to the demands of imperialism and a threatening message to other peoples in the world.

As WPC we are not at all surprised by this development, neither do we have the slightest illusion that it reflects the continuous and subsequent policies of more than 10 US administrations (of Republicans and Democrats) against the people of Cuba as it has happened with dozens of imperialist wars and interventions all these years around the world, always with the pretext of “facing terrorism” when the peoples of the world know very well that it is imperialism, its mechanisms and willing instruments who terrorize the peoples.

The WPC calls upon its members and friends to denounce this action of the USA and to strengthen the solidarity with the brave people of Cuba.

The Secretariat of the WPC

Athens, 12th January 2021