Anti-communism – “Two extremes Theory” - Capital’s Trojan Horse against the peoples

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

On the occasion of the event of the EU in Esthonia, equating Communism and Fascism on 23rd August 2017

Anti-communism – “Two extremes Theory” - Capital’s Trojan Horse against the peoples

The Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace with a sense of profound responsibility, consistent with its 62-year-old anti-imperialist course and action, raises a strong voice of protest and condemnation of the vulgar anti-communism of the European Union that seeks to “raise dust” in order to cover the crimes of imperialism. The falsification of history is the other aspect of the same reactionary goals as the unacceptable - in every sense- equation of communism - socialism with Nazism - fascism.

But no one can forget today the millions of those who were sacrificed in the titanic struggle that resulted in the crash of Nazism - fascism by the Soviet Union and the Red Army. They falsify the story today by targeting tomorrow, in the future that their system will be gone into the trash of history. This historical perspective haunts them and they are trying, with all the means available - and a million millions of Euros - to obscure the historical reality, as it was written in the decades of socialist construction.

The declarations, the big words about "democracy", "freedom", etc. are being denied by the reality that the peoples live in all EU countries and in all the countries dominated by the capitalist mode of production. The "freedom" for which their clothes are ripped off is the freedom of human exploitation by man, the plunder of the wealth produced by workers all over the world. The "democracy" they are sworn for is the parliamentary wrapping of the exploitation regime.

In the "free" countries of the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) that are leading the whole effort of equation, anti-communism prevails with every kind of persecutions on the opposite view and the communist symbols. The prohibitions and the system that serves them have the seal and signature of the EUROPEAN UNION. The struggle in Greece can not cover the joining of all political forces of "European orientation" to the anti-communism of the European Union, as it has been depicted in decisions - actions of the Commission and of the European Parliament.

Nazism - fascism is the birth of the capitalist system. All the twentieth century gave rich examples of this historical truth. The peoples of Europe met fascism with countless sacrifices, blood and tears.

EEDYE, along with the condemnation of the European Union's anti-communism, highlights the danger of new persecutions, new authoritarian measures having the theory of the “two extremes as a tool”.
23 August 2017