WPC statement in rejection of the new Coup attempt in Venezuela

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The World Peace Council (WPC) denounces to the peace loving people in the world the new attempt for a Coup d'Etat in Venezuela,organized by the representatives of the reactionary oligarchy of the country hand in hand with their masters in the USA and the European Union. The failed attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which was elected in 2018, proofs one more time that the "opposition forces" have no scruple and limits when acting together with the imperialists, in their economic war, in the actions of sabotage and on all other options in order to secure the control of the biggest oil reserves of the world along with the geostrategical control of the region.
The WPC expresses its vehement rejection to the imperialist manouvers of interference and attempted Coup and its solidarity with the brave people of Venezuela, which is the only one to determine its future and destiny.
We condemn the government of the USA and the leadership of the EU, for its machinations and ultimatums against the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela.
Hands Off Venezuela! Down with Imperialism! Long live the people of Venezuela!

WPC Secretariat Athens 30.04.2019