WPC Statement on the recent Social Protests in Iran

Monday, December 23, 2019

The WPC expresses its active solidarity with the people of Iran - and especially the working people, the youth and women - engaged in the struggle for peace, democratic people’s rights and social justice in Iran. We express our support to the protests on the occasion of the extreme increase of the fuel prices, which show the accumulated social problems.
The WPC is deeply troubled with the authoritarian violence of the police against demonstrators which have led to many injured and hundreds of killed civilians. The WPC denounces these oppressive actions and demands the release of the demonstrators of 15th November, defending the right of each people to defend its social rights and demands against any kind of oppression.

The World Peace Council notes with deep concern the efforts of foreign forces to take advantage of the protests in order to interfere in the domestic affairs of the country, which is unacceptable. Likewise the WPC condemns the economic sanctions imposed on Iran and the war rhetoric from the USA, Israel and their allies to seek for a pretext to attack Iran. The people of Iran have the right to decide alone and freely for their destiny and fortunes.

21st December 2019