Peace should be established in and around Ukraine

Friday, February 25, 2022

The crisis in and around Ukraine has entered a new phase with the military operation initiated by the Russian Federation on the morning of the 24th of February.

It is clear that the problem has its roots in the efforts of imperialism to penetrate into the region after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. NATO, the war machine of imperialism, has expanded eastwards in the following decades and aimed at increasing its influence in the region with its plans to incorporate Ukraine. US and EU imperialism has supported the formation of a fascist regime in this country; and has supported this regime’s suppression of the workers’ and left-wing movements and pressurising the peoples in the Donbass region. The efforts of imperialism have intensified after the inauguration of the Biden administration and thus the ground for the present situation has been prepared.

On the other hand, Russia, which is a strong capitalist country, has proven with the military operation that it is moving with nationalist and expansionist aspirations. Russia’s latest step is merely increasing the possibility of the conflict’s expansion.

The ongoing military operation should immediately be stopped. NATO should immediately withdraw from the region. The expansion of NATO and Ukraine’s membership to this organisation is unacceptable.

Being a member of NATO, it is inevitable for Turkey to be drawn into this dangerous vortex. In order to avoid any kind of war between imperialist powers, Turkey should immediately withdraw from NATO.

Peace should be established in Ukraine and throughout the region. The inter-imperialist conflicts will bring only chaos and destruction to the peoples of Russia and Ukraine and to all other peoples in the region.