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In the framework of the initiatives of the Peace movement in Europe, namely the World Peace Council, that aim to denounce and reject the goals of NATO's summit – July 8th and 9th in Warsaw, Poland – and the demand for the dissolution of NATO, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation took the initiative to propose to peace movement organisations in Portugal the promotion of common and converging actions in our country.

So several Portuguese organisations co-sign the following call:

Yes to Peace! No to NATO!
Protest against NATO Summit in Warsaw

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation took to the streets in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities, on May 16th distributing documents in solidarity with refugees.

The holding of a day of action against war and in solidarity with refugees on May 16th, in several European countries, was a decision adopted by the World Peace Council's European organizations that met in Almada in March.

In the framework of the Global Action Day in Solidarity with Venezuela, celebrate last April 19th, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation developed several initiatives in Portugal, beyond the public statement it widely divulged, namely promoting:
(1) the cosigning of a solidarity text demanding the immediate withdrawal of Obama's Executive order against Venezuela (see below the text promoted by CPPC that has received the support of several Portuguese organizations);

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, joins the Global Action Day in Solidarity with Venezuela, celebrated today, saluting the International Solidarity Committee of Venezuela and the other popular Venezuelan forces that defend the important progressive advances achieved in the Bolivarian Revolution namely the sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela confronted with foreign interference and aggression.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), coherent with its stand and continuous action of solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people, joins the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Jails, marked for April 17.

On April 2, 1976 the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic was adopted and promulgated establishing broad democratic rights - political, social, economic and cultural - achieved by the Portuguese people with the April Revolution, begun on April 25, 1974, pointing, namely, a course for the foreign relations of Portugal based on respect of sovereignty and national independence, a policy of peace, friendship and cooperation with all peoples of the world.

On February 27th of 1976, in the city of Bir Lehlu, free territory of Western Sahara, the POLISARIO Front, in representation of the Sahrawi people and respecting Resolution 1514 approved by the United Nations, proclaimed the constitution of a free State, independent and sovereign named Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, assumed the responsibility of recovering the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of its homeland,
militarily occupied ​the previous year by the Kingdom of Morocco. ​


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